Get to know our highly multidisciplinary and international team of experts.

Dr. Josiane P. Lafleur, MBA

Co-Founder and CEO

Josiane has a doctoral degree in Analytical Chemistry (McGill University, Canada). Previously, she was Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark).

“After many years doing research in academia, I decided to finally take the plunge and bring an innovation from the laboratory to the market. I think I can have a positive impact on the world we live in by helping scientists to make new ground-breaking discoveries, improving food safety, environmental monitoring and more.”

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Silvan Schmid


Silvan has a doctoral degree in Nanomechanics (ETH Zurich).
He is now professor at TU Wien and head of the Research Unit of Micro- and Nanosensors at the Institute of Sensors and Actuator Systems.

“I believe a scientist’s career is defined by their scientific discoveries and their positive impact in the world. We scientists owe it to society to make our discoveries available to everyone. Transforming a research result into a product and making it available to expert users leads to a direct improvement of people’s lives.”

The synergistic combination of our varied backgrounds in an open-minded setting is the ultimate catalyst to the generation of innovative solutions to the challenges of our modern society.

Dr. Niklas Luhmann, M.Sc.

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Niklas has a Master degree in Physics from the University of Konstanz (Germany) during which he worked on the very first detector prototypes. He completed his doctorate in Nanomechanical Sensing at TU Wien (Austria).

“I always wanted to be a scientist, which is why I studied physics. I have a passion for nanotechnology and its application to sensor systems. I am fascinated by how one can perceive nature with such extraordinary precision.” 

Hajrudin Bešić, M.Sc.

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Hajrudin has a Master degree in Biomedical/Medical Engineering from and is currently completing his Ph.D in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at TU Wien (Austria).

“Developing new devices and technology on a daily basis is what excites me. I want to make major contributions to society and push the limits of existing technology.”

Tatjana Penn, M.Eng.

Development Engineer

Tatjana holds a Bachelor of Microsystems Technology and a Master of Electrical and Microsystems Engineering from OTH Regensburg (Germany) .

“I have always wanted to be an engineer and work on a new and revolutionizing project. Being part of this team is an engineer’s dream come true!”

Veljko Vukićević, M.Sc.

Electronics & Firmware Development Engineer

Veljko has a bachelors degree and Master degree in Embedded Systems from TU Wien (Austria). He’s an expert in electronics & software development.

“Since I was a kid I wanted to make a world a better place. Together with a team of amazing people I am finally able to make my childhood dreams come true!”

Jelena Timarac Popović, M.Sc.

Development Engineer

Jelena has a Master degree in Physics from the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and is currently working on her Ph.D in Nanomechanical Sensing at TU Wien (Austria).

Haris Bešić, B.Sc.

Business Development

Haris has a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the TU Wien (Austria) and has worked as a mechanical development engineer before deciding to follow his passion in the business field.

“I am particularly excited about the potential for Invisible-Light Labs’s ultra sensitive nanomechanical resonators to revolutionize the field of radiation detection. The ability to detect infrared and terahertz radiation at room temperature has numerous potential applications, and I am eager to be a part of the team that brings this technology to market.”

Johannes Hiesberger, B.Sc.

Development Engineer

Johannes is currently completing is Masters Degree in nanomechanical sensing at TU Wien (Austria) during which he worked on our detector prototypes. He joins the company as a development engineer to further their development.

“Since I was young I never wanted to do rudimentary work. I wanted to apply myself in creative ways and be challenged. I am glad to be part of a team that allows me to do this.”

Duygu Özer Geniş, M.Sc.

R&D Scientist

Duygu has masters degree in Food Engineering from Hacettepe University (TR. She has extensive experience in chemometrics, calibration models development, testing, and validation.

“Since I was a kid I have loved maths and numbers. The combination of big numbers (data) and nanotechnology excite me. The most exciting is the usage of this combination for a better world especially better food safety with these scientific people. I am thrilled to be a part of this team.”

Maximilian Thier, B.Sc.

Electronics & Software Development Engineer

Maximilian has a bachelor’s degree
in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from TU Wien and is currently completing his masters degree in Microelectronics and Photonics
from TU Wien (Austria).

Kenan Mešić, B.Sc.

Firmware & Software Development Engineer

Kenan is currently dividing his time between his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at TU Wien and working as an electronics and software engineer at Invisible-Light Labs.

Dr. Dev Sriranganadane

Business Development Manager

Dev is an experienced business development professional. His extensive postdoctoral experience in proteomics and mass spectrometry complements his business profile synergistically to truly understand the analytical challenges faced by users.