NEMILIES is a project funded by the European Commission under grant agreement HORIZON-EIC-2021-TRANSITIONOPEN-101058011


With the EIC project Nemilies, we want to enable the world to see the invisible, from environmental to industrial, from proteins to stars.

The Nemilies project is based on a completely new way of detecting infrared radiation based on nanomechanical sensing.

This radically new IR detector technology disrupts the IR detectors market with an innovative high-sensitivity solution able to reduce costs and penetrate industrial markets where cryogenic cooling is uncommon and impractical, opening an array of new possibilities.


With this project, we want to go beyond the proof of concept and bring the Nemilie technology out of the lab and into the hands of users in various fields of applications. We are currently testing our detectors for aerosols, food, Pharma, nano plastics, and materials analysis.

Collect and identify airborne nanoparticles as small as 10 nm without any sample preparation or transfer.

Monitor food freshness for both increased food safety and decreased waste.

Characterize samples in drug development with picogram sensitivity.

Identify nanopartics as small as 10 nm without any sample preparation or transfer.

Characterize materials over the entire mid- to far-IR/THz wavelength range.


To know more, check out this short video where Josiane offers you a glimpse inside our laboratory at TU Wien where all our R&D occurs.


The NEMILIES acronym stands for NanoElectroMechanical Infrared Light for Industrial and Environmental Sensing. The acronym is also a nod to Emilie du Chatelet who, almost 300 years ago, was the first person to propose the existence of this invisible light that we call Infrared.  Our infrared detectors are called NEMILIE in honor of du Châtelet.


NEMILIE is an infrared detector compatible with commercial FT-IR spectrometers featuring external detector ports. You can use It just as you would use any external detectors.


Nemilie can be used as a sampling accessory for nanoparticles suspended in air or liquid such as ultrafine aerosols and nanoplastics. In this case, the nanoparticles are deposited directly on the nanomechanical sensing surface of the Nemilie chip. The sample is automatically concentrated and extracted. The Nemilie chip is simply transferred to the detector housing for analyte characterization.


PCBs arrived

The PCB boards have arrived for the new prototypes and are ready to be mounted in the NEMILIE control unit so that NEMILIE can communicate seemlesly with your FT-IR spectrometer.

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